National Presentations

Keynote address, ‘Chains of Change: how does educational change affect teachers’ aspirations and professional lives?’, and seminar ‘Educational change and teachers’ professional lives’, University of the West of England, December 2000.

Seminar presentation on ‘Developing Life Histories’ at the CARE conference Current Issues in Qualitative Research, School of Education and Professional Development, University of East Anglia, 24-25 July 2000.

Seminar presentation and session on ‘Life History Methods’ at the International Summer School, School of Education and Professional Development, University of East Anglia, July 2000.

Keynote presentation on ‘Life Histories and Professional Practice: Data in Process’, and discussant at a one day conference on Life Histories and Professional Practice, University of East Anglia, April 1999.

Seminar presentation on ‘Representing Teachers in Educational Research’, Roehampton Institute, London, January 1998.

Seminar presentation on ‘The Educational Researcher and Public Intellectual Life’, University of Sussex, December 1997.

Seminar presentation on ‘Curriculum History and Professionalism’, University of Cambridge, November 1997.

Lawrence Stenhouse Lecture at the British Educational Research Association Conference, ‘The Educational Researcher as a Public Intellectual’, University of York, September 1997.

Seminar presentation on ‘Teachers’ Life and Work’, City College Norwich, March 1997.

Invited address as Visiting Scholar in Sociology, ‘A History of the Concept Curriculum’, University of Warwick, February 1988.

Invited address, ‘History, Context and Qualitative Methods’ in the Study of Curriculum Conference: ‘Ethnography of Educational Settings’, SSHRC funded conference, Whitelands College, July 1983.

‘School Subjects for Study’, St. Hilda’s Conference on ‘School Subjects: Histories and Ethnographies’, Oxford, 1982.

‘The Defence of Geography’, St. Hilda’s Conference on Sociology of Curriculum, Oxford, 1981.

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